Chiropractic care is a free benefit to all eligible VA patients – veterans and active duty military personnel. Most veterans are unaware that they have these services available and miss out on the relief that a chiropractor could bring to the many injuries and pain associated with aging and military injuries like chronic low back pain, military neck – a condition causing straightening of the cervical spine, headaches, and other spinal and neurological injuries caused by active duty.

These medical benefits have been a part of your Medical Benefits Package for over 13 years. Only 48 of 152 VA medical centers currently offer chiropractic care. If you are in pain and would like to see a chiropractor instead of taking pain medication, consult with your primary care physician and ask for a referral to an authorized VA chiropractor in your area.

As a VA authorized provider, Dr. Amy Westrick of Eastside Chiropractic Center, Inc. offers relief from muscle, joint, and bone pain, or musculoskeletal disorder, and disorders of the nervous system. Veterans experience these conditions more than others because of the demands of the military lifestyle and duties.

If you’d like to receive care from a chiropractor in your area and your local VA doesn’t provide it in-house, visit your PCP and ask for a referral to a local, approved chiropractor. If your PCP or other administrative personnel tell you that they won’t cover the expense, contact your locate Senate representative and remind your VA hospital that these benefits are standard and part of your military medical benefits package. The bill will be covered for you. It is against VA medical policy for you to be denied this care.

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