Headaches From Spine Isssues

Headaches Caused By Spinal Problems

Headaches are one of the number one causes for doctor visits – and many people cover up headaches with pain medication, which can ultimately lead to kidney or liver damage. Others get frustrated enough to get an MRI or CT scan to try to determine the root of why their headache won’t go away. 
And yet, only 1 in over 11,000 people discovers a problem with their head!

If you are looking for that “Aha!” moment, here it is!

Headaches simply tell the brain that something is not right, so it could be caused by the fact your neck isn’t supporting your head properly, or that you are not getting enough blood circulation due to spinal misalignment.Headaches are very common among patients with spinal issues, whether your back, neck, shoulders or that entire area.

When your spine is out of whack, it can truly get to your head!

A chiropractor can assess your spinal curves, posture, neck placement, mobility and other issues. If the headache is not associated with your spine, they can also tell you the next immediate action to take.

Your headache may very well be causing you agony, but bear in mind that your body is one, fluid unit and when something is out of alignment, it can affect other areas of your body. Especially your brain! Our chiropractors are trained to recognize the difference between spinal subluxations, jaw problems or find places where the nerves are not connecting to give you the best blood flow.

The signals are there, but many people do not think of a chiropractor as being the right medical professional to treat a headache, when in fact a chiropractor can be your best ally to cure a painful headache.

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