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Treating Work Related Injuries in RI

Back pain is one of the most common types of work-related injuries. These are often caused by everyday work activities, such as prolonged sitting or heavy lifting.

Adopting Preventative Work Injury Practices

Using ergonomic principles can help in minimizing work-related back pain.

Ergonomics is the study of the workplace as it relates to the worker, which can help to eliminate work injuries and preserve a healthy back.

The goal of a workplace ergonomics program is to take into consideration the individual’s physical makeup and then design a worksite that adapts to that worker’s styles, habits and mannerisms in order to minimize injury.

There are two types of situations that can cause a person to develop back pain at work or to have a back injury occur:

  1. Non-Accidental Injury – Pain arises from daily work activities, such as sitting/slouching for prolonged periods, repetitive movements; such as typing, kneeling, sorting, digging, or any prolonged activity.
  2. Accidental Injury – Occurs when an unexpected event takes place while performing a normal work activity; such as slipping or tripping on an object, throwing something off while lifting, or banging one’s head, etc. These work accidents can jar the neck, back, or other joints, ultimately shifting them from their designed position.

Physically demanding occupations are often the most likely to cause work injuries

Health care and hospital fields, construction workers and other positions which require heavy lifting and maneuvering of people or objects that vary in size and weight are often culprits.

People who sit most of the day are more susceptible to non-accidental injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. This is due to repetitive stress on the wrists.

Office ergonomic programs can assess the employees’ work stations and set up sites that will minimize stress on the neck, back and other joints affected by prolonged sitting and repetitive motion.

Don’t let work related injuries affect your life:

When workplace injuries impede an employee’s ability to perform routinely, they can also affect their quality of life.  At Eastside Chiropractic Center, Inc. we want you to get back to work as soon as possible.

We use three specific techniques to help patients heal from work injuries:

  • Manual Therapy: Joint-specific manipulation used to restore mobility to affected joints
  • Soft-Tissue Therapy: We use massage techniques that are designed to restore normal pliability to muscles and tendons, allowing for normal strength and range of motion
  • Home Training Strategies: We teach you how to ice and heat the point of injury, as well as exercises that can improve the joint and muscle tone. We empower you to take an active role in your rehabilitation.

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