Pediatric Chiropractor

Chiropractor Pediatric Care in Rhode Island

Pediatric Chiropractors treat a wide array of common infant and childhood issues. Parents who want the very best care for their child understand the tremendous benefits of chiropractic pediatrics.

Why Does My Child Need A Chiropractor?

Parents with fussy babies who may be suffering from gas, colic, sleeplessness, asthma, and many other issues may find relief for their children in chiropractic treatment.

You may find naysayers who state the lack of sufficient evidence. This is something that a parent must decide, but in our experience at Eastside Chiropractic, we can attest to many success stories. If you do your own research prior to seeking chiropractic pediatrics, you will find hundreds of studies that back up the theory that children with normal, healthy spines suffer from fewer illnesses and simply feel better.

How Can Eastside Chiropractic Help?

Rest assured that our pediatric chiropractic care services in New England use a very gentle approach, often simply light thumb and fingers, to correct any joint dysfunction.

The calming effect of a chiropractor can greatly improve any fussiness issues or discomforts in both babies and children.

Older children, who may be involved in sports, benefit from pediatric chiropractic visits.  Having good mobility throughout the spine as a child ages is an important role in keeping the body healthy and may help to make the child less vulnerable to sports-related injuries.

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