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At Eastside Chiropractic Center of Rhode Island, our patients are the core of our practice and their input is extremely valuable to us. We have been very fortunate over the years to have the opportunity to help many patients find chiropractic relief, and many of these patients have been kind enough to leave a review of their experience. You can also find our patient reviews in other places, such as on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. 

“Dr. Amy Westrick is a phenomenal chiropractor and extremely pleasant person to work with. I have treated with several chiropractors over the years. Dr. Westrick’s skills as a chiropractor and approach to treatment were a perfect fit. Some chiropractors are overly aggressive, and others not aggressive enough. Dr. Westrick’s treatment was the perfect balance between the two for me. I am happy to recommended her services.”

– Michael B.
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Cannot say enough good things about Dr. Amy Westrick. I have been seeing her on and off for years, and I’ve found her treatments to be both effective and affordable. She always conveys a positive attitude, has an incredible depth of knowledge, and she truly cares about every one of her patients.

– Jeanne H.
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I had a wonderful experience at Eastside Chiropractic Center. My session was very comfortable. Amy Westrick was as gentle as a chiropractic experience can be. She reduced the stress in my shoulder and help to balance them out. I am planning to return for more visits.

– Tyrone J.
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“I went to see Dr Westick for low back pain due to a lifting injury and to help align me before our National Volleyball Championships. She treated me quickly and professionally (4 session) to help me perform at my best. I highly recommend Eastside Chiropractic!!

– Bryan
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LOVE THIS PLACE! This is actually THE ONLY chiropractor who will schedule only necessary number of visits!!! She is VERY EFFICIENT, and will tell you the way things are and will treat it promptly. I was there twice for different problems, however now I will go there more to get a massage which I’m sure is as great as their chiropractor skills!

– Aizhan T.
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Attorney Reviews

Attorney Jim Dussault

“I find myself to be extremely fortunate to have developed a personal injury firm with a very large client base. I am convinced that the primary reason for the success and growth of my firm has been client service. Simply put, this means associating my brand with medical providers who share this same philosophy of “client first”. I am proud to proclaim without hesitation that Dr. Amy Westrick feels and acts in the same manner. Just think about how powerful and reassuring it is to know that the doctor who is treating your client can be counted on to patiently listen to their complaints, and then follow through with the best possible regimen of treatment in a compassionate manner. Point blank she places the patient before profits while not losing sight of the needs of the plaintiff attorney. Bravo Amy! Thrilled to work with you. “

Attorney Thomas F. Ginnerty

“I am writing to recommend Dr. Amy Westrick as chiropractor. I have maintained a very successful professional relationship with Dr. Amy Westrick for a number of years. My clients have always expressed complete satisfaction with her treatment. Reports and bills from her office are prompt and have met the highest standards.

I feel comfortable recommending Dr. Westrick, she has a friendly demeanor and an amicable business style. “

Attorney Richard D. Tallo

This is to advise you that I have worked with Dr. Amy Westrick as a treating physician for several years. I have referred clients to her on a regular basis. Our feedback from all of these clients has been positive, and they are very well treated and pleased with care given by Dr. Westrick.

“In addition, Dr. Westrick makes an effort to see each and every new patient in a timely manner, and when necessary, refers to other physicians for further testing. Reports and bills are sent to our office promptly and are certainly reasonable to the clients.

Uniformly, we are pleased with her professionalism and will continue to refer our injured clients to her. Please take this correspondence as the highest recommendation we can give to Dr. Westrick for professionalism, as well as a appropriate bedside manner. “

Attorney Alfred J. Gemma

“Gemma Law Associates has been using Dr. Amy Westrick as a treating physician at her Providence and Cranston offices for it’s clients for a number of years. We have heard from the patients that they are treated very well. They are seen in a timely manner and are referred to other physicians for further testing when necessary. Reports and bills are sent to our office promptly and are client friendly. We are pleased with her professionalism and will continue the referrals.”

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