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Looking For Neck Pain Relief in Rhode Island?

That term we use to describe things we don’t like as being a “pain in the neck” comes for a reason. Perhaps nothing is more annoying, agonizing and vulnerable than your neck, since it has a big burden to bear in keeping your head held high.

When Neck Pain Strikes, It Can Have You Feeling Down For Awhile.

The neck in anatomy is referred to as the cervical spine. It is very flexible and supportive when it is working to its fullest capacity, but because it carries about twelve pounds and works constantly, all day, every day, it is more susceptible to injury and pain just from repetitive motion, stress and other factors.

Sitting using poor posture, falling or taking a blow to the head can harm your neck. Degenerative diseases such as spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease can occur in your cervical spine.

The most severe types of neck pain usually come from sudden trauma, also known as whiplash. Accidents, whether sports, work, or auto-related, can result when tissues that support the neck and head get strained by tightening and contracting abruptly, which causes fatigue, pain and stiffness of the neck.

Severe neck injuries can impair ligaments, discs, joints, nerves and muscles.

Eastside Chiropractic Can Help You Find Relief

We will assess your range of motion, do orthopedic tests to determine the most likely cause of your pain, palpate the spine to detect fixation and muscle tone, and note the curvature of your spine.  Patients who come to our chiropractic center will undergo a series of questions about their neck pain, as well as their overall health history.

Many people have overcome neck pain through cervical manipulation techniques, which should only be performed by licensed chiropractors.

We are skilled to apply the right pressure to those areas of your neck that need adjustments by hand, as well as combining some of the sessions with other types of treatments with either massage,  physiotherapy equipment, heat, ice, and rehabilitative exercises which are dependent upon the unique needs of every individual.

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