A good supporting back brace is worn after a back injury to prevent movement of the spine and support the back so that healing may occur. Your RI chiropractor, Dr. Amy Westrick, can help you choose the brace that is right for you.

Be sure to get help from a chiropractor or other lumbar or spinal specialist when choosing a back brace. The right brace must provide support while limiting movement of the spine. This will help relieve discomfort in the lower back area. A back brace works by providing extra support to the spine and surrounding muscles. When this is fitted properly based upon your weight, height, and proper posture, the brace will help alleviate pressure on the nerves; which cause pain.

Look for a back brace that protects your back from strain and helps your muscles support your posture. The kind of brace you choose is completely dependent upon what kind of injury you sustained to your back. Some common types of back braces are those offering upper back and shoulder support through a series of adjustible supports and abdominal compression systems.

If you are looking for lower back and lumbar support to relieve strains, sprains, and muscle spasms, consider checking out this inexpensive yet effective brace made by Mueller:

Another type of back brace offers full back and shoulder support by wrapping around the lower back and clasping in the front to protect your lower back. Shoulder straps help keep your posture and spine aligned

If you are looking for a full brace, consider this one:

Finally, you can choose a back brace that is nearly imperceptible by using a hidden lower back support brace. It fits neatly under your clothing and is used for any time the lower back needs a little more support than usual.

If you need any help in making your decision, please consult our office and we would be happy to help!

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