As a personal injury attorney, your goal is to get the best settlement for your clients. One way to ensure this is to work with medical experts with experience in treating victims of car accidents, slips and falls, and other actionable claims. A chiropractor who understands legal proceedings is an important ally in a number of useful ways.

Detailed Intakes and Exams

The best chiropractors have an intake protocol that is specifically for accident victims. The intake involves a comprehensive questionnaire on how the injury occurred, the mechanism of the injury, and medical history. A thorough exam includes chiropractic, neurological, and orthopedic tests to uncover all injuries to your client. To insure best results, the first visit should take at least one hour for intake and physical exam. The chiropractor also works with other medical specialists if needed. If a chiropractor doesn’t do x-rays, she will send the patient to a state-of-the art diagnostic center with trained radiologists.

Copious Documentation

A chiropractor with experience in accident victims, documents all of the patient’s injuries. This documentation is needed not only if the patient decides to file a lawsuit, but also necessary for the insurance company handling medical claims. A chiropractic accident specialist knows how to work with insurance companies in order to get the best treatment for a patient’s injuries paid. With detailed charts, reports and summaries, a personal injury lawyer has the critical evidence needed in court cases. The documentation also includes treatment recommendations, progress evaluations, and a final report after the treatments end.

Treatment of Injuries

Chiropractors provide effective medical treatment for a host of injuries. Injuries from an accident often include sprains or strains to muscles and bones, injuries to the spinal column, neck, or extremities, or whiplash. Other physical symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, forgetfulness, neck and/or shoulder pain, and lower back pain

Chiropractors provide quality treatments while they re-evaluate a patient’s injuries and progress on a regular basis. Modifications are often made to the treatment plan. These doctors also support the patient in presenting injury claims to insurance companies.

Faster Recovery Time

Accident victims need to seek prompt and personalized medical care for a faster recovery. When they also receive the optimum number of treatments recommended by the chiropractor, they heal faster. If injuries aren’t treated, or treated improperly, accident victims may develop scar tissue that can cause long-term pain and other problems. Getting a good settlement offer that pays for all medical bills and treatments not covered by health insurance is essential for an accident victim recover quickly and fully.

Experience in Court

Some chiropractors have experience with accident victims and their personal injury lawyers. These chiropractors are knowledgeable about personal injury claims, and have experience with giving depositions and testifying at trial on behalf of patients. Such chiropractors are the ones you want on your legal team to get the best possible results for your client.

Chiropractors and personal injury lawyers can build a relationship to improve the health of accident victims and get them the financial settlement they need to fully recover from their injuries. The right chiropractor with the skills to evaluate, treat and document a patient’s injuries can improve the outcome of a personal injury lawsuit.

For more information on how a qualified chiropractor can assist you with injured clients, please contact Amy Westrick of Eastside Chiropractic Center today.

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