Most people who live with migraines have tried everything including special diets, sleeping in different positions and taking over-the-counter medications. Those suffering from migraines also try physical treatments like yoga, massage or yes even chiropractic care. It makes sense that body manipulation could affect the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches because stretching and adjusting the bones, joints and body tissues can impact the way blood vessels function (known culprit to causing migraines).

Roughly 38 million people complain of slight to severe headaches each day but less than 10% seek chiropractic care, mainly because it’s not on the top of their minds. It might sound funny to see a Chiropractor for a headache but it’s really an excellent form of therapy and here’s why! The results of chiropractic care on migraine headaches have been studied in several clinical trials with favorable results. The evidence suggests that spinal manipulation improves migraines. A systematic review of 21 different studies over a period of time found that patients who received chiropractic care for migraines once or twice a week for six to eight weeks saw a dramatic reduction in migraine symptoms. The primary outcomes that were improved by chiropractic care were migraine frequency, intensity and the duration.

We want to make clear that spinal adjustments aren’t in any way a cure-all for everyone with migraines, but almost a quarter of those who seek chiropractic care notice a reduction in symptoms of up to 90%. Talk to your chiropractic professional for more information on how they can help with your migraines.

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