pain (2)Winter is well under way in Rhode Island. As temperatures continue to hover near low double digit range, the aches and discomfort of cold weather joint pain can be readily felt by countless residents in and around Providence. For some, the winter months are less about enjoying the holidays and flurries, and more about suffering through daily cold weather joint pain. Seasonal weather has a major impact on the health and mobility of our joints, as low temperatures are common instigators of joint pain in the shoulders, back, hips, and knees.

Why does cold weather joint pain occur? Though numerous studies have been conducted to identify the link between low temperatures and chronic joint pain, researchers are still seeking a definitive answer. The most widely accepted reasoning is that with colder temperatures comes lower air pressure, which causes joint tissues to expand—further exacerbating joints already susceptible to swelling, tenderness, and aches.

If you or a loved one suffers from cold weather joint pain, there are a few good health tips to keep in mind that can potentially alleviate some of your daily discomfort:

·     Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Just because the heat of the summer, and the crisp fall weather has given way to icier temperatures in Rhode Island, it doesn’t mean you should skimp on regular hydration. Drinking eight glasses of water a day causes your body to feel more alert, awake, and energetic. Staying well hydrated can also aid in digestion, which altogether makes for better systemic health.

·     Commit to Regular Exercise

While exercise might seem counterintuitive to those that suffer from weather related joint pain, not exercising regularly can actually cause your joints and muscles to stiffen and cause more pain. Some form of daily exercise keeps your body limber and strong. Rhode Island winters shouldn’t prevent you from engaging in some form of exercise, whether that means daily stretches, regular walks, or winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Staying active even in blustery February is an essential part of maintaining good overall health.

·     Be Mindful of Your Mood

With fewer daylight hours and seemingly less opportunities to spend time outside, countless individuals suffer from anxiety and depression during the winter months. The stress that stems from a poor mood can take a physical toll on your body, as well. Exercise, socializing, and attention to overall wellness can make a positive impact on your mental health—which in turn can help alleviate bodily pain including joint pain.

·     Use Heating Pads to Address Joint Pain

With the joint pain that is often exacerbated from winter activities like snow shoveling, outdoor sports, and cold-related aches, using a heating pad on problem areas like knees, neck, and shoulder can help alleviate muscle and joint soreness. Plus, they can help keep you nice and toasty, even when the mercury in thermometers seems stuck well below bearable.

 Visit Your Providence, RI Chiropractor

The best way to alleviate winter joint pain for the long term is to visit an experienced, respected Providence Rhode Island chiropractor that can professionally address the root causes of joint pain. Not only can a visit to a top Providence chiropractor help ease your joint pain now, it can also help to prevent injury or seasonal discomfort in the future.

Visiting a highly respected, regarded, and experienced Providence, Rhode Island chiropractor can prove invaluable in the treatment of increased joint pain during the winter. Whether you have suffered an injury, live with chronic condition-related pain, or just feel the daily ache of winter joint pain, visiting a chiropractor can address your discomfort and help prevent further joint pain from affecting your quality of life—no matter the weather.

If you’re interested in learning more about how chiropractic care can help alleviate winter joint pain, contact Eastside Chiropractic Center in Providence, at 401.453.2225.  Eastside Chiropractic Center offers chiropractic evaluations, adjustments, range of motion testing, injury rehabilitation, massage therapy, low level laser therapy, and numerous additional wellness services. We can also be reached at  Visit

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