Chiropractic Treatments for New or Recurring Sports Injuries



Why should athletes seek a Chiropractor for sports injuries, rather than a physician or physical therapist?

Physicians are highly trained at taking a comprehensive look at a patient’s overall health and wellness. However, they do not have special training in sports rehabs or medicine that a Chiropractor specializing in Sports Injuries receives. Therefore, some of the specific injuries may be misdiagnosed or overlooked.

Sports patients are already interested in health and fitness; therefore they do understand the connectivity of the anatomy as things relate to work cohesively for optimal performance.

In other words, when a strain or injury is placed upon a major part of the body, an athlete may realize that it could affect the nerves and thus extend into other limbs, such as shoulders, neck, arms and elbows, legs and knees, etc.

They find themselves in pain sometimes randomly one day, only to realize after seeing our sports injury chiropractors that the reason for the pain was actually because of an injury that occurred ten years ago.  At Eastside Chiropractic, we see patients from high school athletes to college-level players, as well as professionals who have played sports in the past and then later experience symptoms they never knew were caused by playing sports.

Living in pain is not necessary. Come see us!

The therapeutic chiropractic approach to sports injuries has proven that athletes are best served by seeking immediate, prompt treatment following an injury.

However, even those who do not realize that something in their spine got shifted at some point along their sports career may also find great results to repair past damage from playing sports.